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Antares TM  Vending Machines (pre-owned) Refreshment Centers by Natural Choice Snack & Soda Combo  Machines

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3 Styles Available - Preowned Antares
Snack & Soda Combos Vending Machines


The Office Deli

Made by Purco, the electrical combo, known as the Office Deli, holds snacks, sodas, cans, bottles, and cold food items. These machines retail for around $10k new, but you can save thousands on used or pre-owned / Never used vending machines with us.  Save more than 50%!!

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The Refreshment Centers

We also have used & pre-owned (never used) blue mechanical Antares snack and soda combos with side mount dollar bill changers available nationwide for around 75% - 85% off their new price! 


Antares Vending Machine Combo

Pre 2005
Refreshment Centers

From 1995 to 2004, the Antares snack and soda combos looked like this. They have very reliable refrigeration systems and coin mechs which allow them a long operating life for mechanical machines.

Them for approx 80% - 90% off their new price.. Some NEVER USED!

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Learn more about the function of the mechanical
Refreshement Centers below...

AntaresTM Refreshment Centers by Natural ChoiceTM - we have used units and some that are pre-owned but still in the original boxes!  Save a fortune on these nice, compact, quiet snack, soda, juice and change machines.  Antares vending machines are available in various parts of the country; call today to reserve yours.

Prices range from $800 to $1600 for a set of snack soda and change machines!   Compare this to $5K or $6K new machines from Natural Choice. 

We often have Office Deli machines for around $4K compared to $10K new.

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To access the sodas, the 9 select snack vending machine swings open like a refrigerator door to reveal the 7 drink selections inside. The labels showing the soda selections are also shown on the front of the snack machine.  The soda machine gives the option to vend small bottles, such as juice, on 3 of the 7 selections.

This machine will vend...
Snacks & Candy, Canned sodas, 10 oz Bottled Juices, and change for dollar bills

Antares Vending Machine Combo

This photo showing the front of the Antares Refreshment Center completely assembled. This Antares setup displays the snack machine on the front of the soda machine with the dollar bill changer mounted on the side. The snack machine can also be separated and mounted by itself on a stand or a wall.

Natural Choice Vending Machines

This photo displays access to the sodas by opening the door of the refreshment center unit which contains the snack vending machine on the front side.

Anteres Vending Dollar Bill Changer

Here is a close up view of the Antares dollar bill changer which mounts on the side of the soda vending machine.

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