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Some of the accounts that this
has provided our vendors:

bullet368 room hotel with 88% average yearly occupancy and 150 employees in Torrence, CA
bullet250 employee account in California - 3 shifts, blue collar manufacturing
bulletaccount of 4 locations with 70+ employees in each - New York
bullet95 employee account in New Jersey; large snack & large soda machines serviced 2 to 3 times weekly
bullet100 room motel with 11 employees in Mobile, AL
bullet10 story hotel with 450 rooms and 150 employees in Chicago

180 Employee manufacturing company in Tolleson, AZ


Manufacturing with 100 employees in Lewisville, TX


Animal Hospital with 61 employees and 150 customers per day.


830 unit apartment complex in Arlington Heights, IL


College dormitory with 549 students in Kutztown, PA





Customer Comments...

Kara, I just want to thank you personally as well as your company's 4-Mega website. I just got into the snack-beverage vending business this past October and as you may or may not know its hard to find honest advice in this  vending business. I signed up on your website to be notified when a vending location is available and I am very pleased with the recent location you e-mailed me about. You made the process so simple. The office manager  at this location was actually waiting for my call. Its been a dream come true! The largest location I had before had 8 f/t employees this location has over 35 f/t employees who seem to be very nice folks. I paid my prior location company alot more money for other smaller locations. You also made me feel very comfortable . You were very easy to reach by phone and very informative about the location process. I never felt pressured to take the location .I just want to let you know that I want to expand my business and look forward  to doing alot more further business with you and your company. We need to also talk also about coffee machines with this cold weather alot of my locations having been asking me about that. Thanks again and I am sure I will be talking to you shortly.

Thanks Again,
Michael J Wood -SunRise Vending

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Hi Kara --
Just got back after meeting with Janell at Campusma.  Their location is exactly the kind of situation we are looking for and we are able to provide the exact kind of service they are looking for.  She made the decision to go with us and I told her I would inform you of her decision and that we would move forward with getting the machines we need and get prepared to install them in approximately 2 weeks -- when the other vendor removes his machines.  We will be putting in 2 soda machines outside, and one snack machine inside, as previously discussed.

Thank you very much for helping us make the connection!!  Please let us know what the next step is.

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Hi Kara,

 Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated working with you and your company for a location for one of my combo machines.

 After being "fleeced" by a so called professional vending location service in the recent past, I was leary of using any locators again. You guys are the exact opposite of the other "professionals" who were anything but professional! I am a very small business operator that recently got my business up and running and even though it's a small business, I take great pride in it. It appears that your company takes pride in doing thing in a truly professional manor also.

 I would not hesitate to use your services again. The location I recently acquired with your help is actually turning out to be one of my better locations. Thanks again!

Sincerely, Kim Rasmussen w/Colorado Vending LLC.




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