Refurbished Vending Machines

Refurbished Vending Machines

Refurbished Snack & Soda
Vending Machines

For ELECTRICAL snack, soda, cold food, frozen food, & coffee machines, please see the items below.

For all other machines, please see our sister site: where we often have pre-owned bulk candy vendors or mechanical snack & soda combos that have never been used and are still in the original packing for a fraction of the new cost!

Refurbished Snack & Soda Machines
& Factory Remanufactured

Royal Vendors 376 Pepsi
Soda Vending Machine

Dixie Narco 756
Drink Vendor

Dixie Narco 600E

Can/Bottle Machine
We have refurbished electrical snack and soda machines that start at around $1230 and up depending on the machine and model. For availability please call April at 601-749-5660

Dixie Narco 501E Bottle Vending Machine

Dixie Narco 5591 Can & Bottle Soda Vending Machine

Royal 282 Pepsi Drink Vending Machine

Dixie Narco 368
Cans Only Machine

Vendo VU40 Pop Vending Machine Pepsi - Cans & bottles

CB700 / BC-12 Can & Bottle
Vending Machine

AMS 35VCF - Glass Front set as Combo Vending Machine


Our Inventory
Changes Daily

Scroll below to see the specs on some of these machines. For the other machines, call Stacy for details as we can't update the site as fast as inventory changes.

Call April at

AP7000 Automatic Products
Snack Vending Machine
National 147 Refurbised Snack Vending Machines
National 147Snack Vending Machine
National 157 Refurbished Snack Vending Machines
National 157Snack Vending Machine
Automatic Products Refurbished Snack Machines
Automatic Products Snack Machine - AP Studio 3-4

Refurbished AMS 35632 Snack Vending Machines
AMS 35632Snack Vending Machine
Crane National 431 Cold Food Vending Machines
Crane National 431 Cold Food Vending Machine
Row 213 Coffe Vending Machines
Rowe 213Coffee Vending Machine

Crane National Vendors 455 Cold Food Machines
Crane National Vendors 455 Cold Food Vending Machine

If you do not see what you need,
call us to
see what else is available as inventory
changes daily.

National 633 Coffee Machines Refurbished
National 633Coffee Vending Machine

ORDER Machines Below or Call 601-749-5660