Refurbished AMS 39 VCF Sensit 2 Combo Snack Drink Machine

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Refurbished AMS 39 VCF Combo Snack Drink Machine | 36 snack and soda selections | 5 Wide

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Large Capacity Snack, Soda, Chip and Drink Combo Vending Machine with Guaranteed Vend Feature!

This Automatic Merchandising Systems, AMS39 VCF machines is one of the most popular combination vending machines and are great for offering both snacks and drinks at any location. It is high quality and high capacity!

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Manufactured by Automatic Merchandising Systems, AMS, the largest combo vending machine manufacturer in the vending industry with guanteed delivery through the Sensit 2 Guaranteed Vend System - spiral turns until product is vended or credit is re-established for the customer.

These machines have 36 selections for cans, bottles and snack products. The machine can vend 12/16 oz cans or 16/20 oz bottles. The machines can accept $1/$5. It is also MDB / DEX. The machine operates at fresh temperature of 37 degrees.


  • Delivery
  • 36 selections
  • 5-Wide
  • (2) Chip Shelves, (1) Candy Shelf, (2) Drink Shelves
  • vends 12/16 oz cans or 16/20 oz bottles.
  • Appearance
  • Black Front
  • Glass front for spontaneous purchasing
  • Digital readout display
  • Benefits
  • Mars VN2512 24v flash port $1/5 bill acceptor (best on market)
  • Mars 6512 24v MDB coin changer
  • Requires little maintenance and is easy to set up and operate.
  • The machine operates at fresh temperature of 37 degrees
  • Optional Features
  • Credit / Debit Card Reader
  • Vending Machine Alarms - Tip Module and/or Impact Abuse Sensor
  • Warranty
  • 60- Day Parts Return Warranty
  • Lifetime Phone Support
  • Includes lock/keys, manual, palleting / wrapping

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions
  • 72 inches high
  • 39 inches wide
  • 34 inches deep
  • Weight
  • 700 lbs