Refurbished Coffee Machines

Refurbished Coffee Vending Machines - Refurbished Coffee Machines

Refurbished National 673 or 677 Filter Paper System Coffee Machine $8K New

Refurbished Coffee Vending Machines - Crane National 673 or 677 - Card Capable, MDB, DEX, Electronic Product Door open/close, Two cup sizes The machine is dual cup (8 & 12oz. cups). Two front graphic options. It vends three international coffee flavors (e.g. French vanilla, cappuccino), one hot chocolate flavor, cream, sugar, sweet & low, and cafe mocha (chocolate & coffee). The machine has a whipper motor for each flavored coffee and hot chocolate product.

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Nayax One Touch Vpos Cashless System

The system is superior vs the USA G10 system (swipe only, 2 pieces/parts, outdated). The Nayax One Touch is a swipe or chip system that is one piece/part incorporating the latest in card & mobile payment systems. It has valuable web-based reporting and management tools to help make your vending service more profitable.

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