Vending Machine Maximum 1050 Alarm Systems

Vending Machine Maximum 1050 Alarm Systems

The 1050 MAXIMUM Vending Security System is the most advanced system for use in detecting impact abuse againt your vending machines

You will rest easy knowing that you have your vending machine protectected against vandals trying to knock out product or rough up your equpipment!

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130 dB Vending Machine Maximum Security Alarm Systems

The 1050 MAXIMUM Vending Security System, featuring the IIDAS 1050 controller, includes all the unique features of the 1020 controller, plus an entrance delay (5 seconds) and an automatic exit delay (2 seconds) with an audible "chirp" to facilitate arming of the system after service or maintenance is completed and the protected access door is closed. This eliminates the need for a switch lock to arm and disarm the security system.


  • Includes:
  • IIDAS 1050 controller
  • 130 dB piezo siren
  • Warning Label and Instructions
  • L- bracket, spacers, adhesive tape, quick splices, wire nuts, cable ties
  • Benefit:
  • Reset switch to disarm the security system
  • Magnetic contact door switch
  • Power Supply:
  • 12 VDC battery pack & harness

Technical Specs

  • The dimensions of the 1050 controller are only: 2.2" x 2" x 0.75"

Available Options

Varying the duration of the alarm output,
Changing the sensitivity of the impact/abuse sensor;
Adding a relay output,
Utilization of alternate power sources, and
Substitution of alarm system components.