Vending Machine Super Tip Alarm Systems

Vending Machine Super Tip Alarm Systems

The Super Tip Alarm is great for detecting your machine being tilted in any direction

Get ahead of vandals and mischievous kids by installing this Super Tip Vending Alarm! Save yourself time, frustration and possible loss of revenue!

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130 dB Super Tip Vending Machine Alarm Systems

Tip Maxi Alarm System will activate an audible siren whenever the protected equipment is tilted, in any direction, beyond the degree indicated on the Tip Module (10, 15, 25, or 45 degrees). The siren will stop when the equipment is returned to a level position. The siren will also sound when the protected equipment is being shaken (sensitivity depends on the degree indicated on the Tip Module). Typical installations include bulk vending machines, crane machines, kiosks, and various types of vending machines.


  • Degree of Inclination Choices:
  • (10, 15, 25, or 45)
  • Power Source:
  • 12VDC battery pack, battery harness, wire nuts, cable ties,
  • Includes:
  • 130 dB piezo siren,
  • Warning label and instructions.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions
  • 1.9" x 1.5" x 0.8"

Available Options

Tip 10dB
Tip 15dB
Tip 25dB
Tip 45dB