G654 Snack and Soda Vending Machine Combo

G654 Combo Vending Machine | Combo Machines | Snack and Drink Vending Machine

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Adjustable Temperature! Keep Chocolate from Melting with this Snack and Soda Vending Combo - AMAZING DEAL!

The G654 Snack and Soda Vending Machine has it all! It is completely versatile and allows you to offer snacks, candy and drinks to your employees or customers. Awesome for keeping chocolate and other items from melting in hotter locations. GREAT Price and Value!!!

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Single or Duel Temperature Zone for offering Snacks, Candy and Drinks all in one Unit!

The G654 is the one stop shop for all your vending needs. The machine temperature can be adjusted for different types of product! It is MDB, takes dollar bills, coins and is credit/debit card capable. The G654 Snack, Candy, Pastries and Drink Combo Vending is super easy to service and program! This machine has a (4) main service button mode; these are our "Hot Keys". It divides the machines operation in to 4 simple categories to make servicing this machine quick and easy! LED lighthing throughout the vending cabinet gives your machine illumanition unlike any other combo on the market! The G654 Combo is also ADA compliant (American Disability Act). This compact, combo vending machine offers 19 Snack selections and 26 drink selections for a large variety of products to your customers! 1 Year parts warranty and lifetime phone support are provided. Our machine packaging for shipping is above all the rest! The BEST machine packaging in the industry to reduce the risk of shipping damage. ONLY 30 inches deep makes this snack and drink vending machine easy to get through most doorways!


  • Snack Setup - 19 Selections
  • 11 Candy (107 capacity)
  • 8 Chips (56 capacity)
  • Drink Setup - 26 Selections
  • 130 total Capacity
  • One Additional Drink Tray vs. the Competitors
  • Can and/or Bottle in ANY drink selection
  • 20oz., 16.9oz. Monster, Red Bull, 12oz Cans
  • NO EXTRA Parts needed - No Shims Or Cams To Change
  • Benefits
  • Duel Temperature Zones
  • $1 & $5 Bill Acceptor
  • Auto Coin Changer
  • Self Diagnostic Program
  • Durable, Hard Selection Pad Buttons - No Vinyl Touchpad to Tear
  • Anti Theft Guard
  • FCC Compliant
  • ADA Compliant
  • ICES Canada Compliant
  • Service Features
  • Pull Out Refrigeration Deck For Easy Access or Replacement
  • Pull Out Tilt Down Trays For Easy Loading
  • Self Diagnostic Program
  • Easy Adjust Coils Positioning - 2 Seconds - No Tools or Unloading
  • One-Click, Fast Access to Frequent Programming Areas
  • Appearance
  • L.E.D. Lighting Around Entire Glass Perimeter - Draws Attention
  • Recessed Validator To Go Through Doors Easily
  • Attractive Design - Well Lit - Gives Fresh / Active Feel
  • Options
  • Credit / Debit Card Reader
  • Vending Alarm System
  • Warranty
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • Lifetime Phone Support
  • Packing & Shipping
  • Special Packing - Avoid Freight Damage
  • Solid Flat Top 40" x 48" Pallet - Easy Removal
  • Foot Pegs Blocked In - No Shifting During Shipping
  • Fully Enclosed Styrofoam & Wrap - Easy to Spot Freight Damage
  • Usually Ships Within 2 Business Days
  • Optional
  • Optional CC Reader / Mobile Pay: Has small Monthly Fees but Increases Sales - See Monthly Fees & Benefits here

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions
  • 41" Wide
  • 30" Deep
  • 75" Tall
  • Weight
  • 560 lbs