Medical Naloxone Vending Machines

Buy Medical and Naloxone Vending Machines of High Quality

Having medicine and naloxone machines available for people is good business.

Our new small medicine machines to dispense single serve packets of Advil, Tylenol, Aleeve, Cold-Ease, aspirin, cough drops, etc... They hold medicine, personal care products, and even first aid supplies.

The full size refurbished machines offer free vend Naloxone kits or Fentanyl testing kits that are larger steel stand alone machines.

These machines have proven to be well built and reliable over the many years.

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Once you've decided which vending machine is right for you, it's important to know what products you plan to ship and relay that to our staff.

Often employers or governments think of offering these products for free.

Li'l Medic 4 Medical Vending Machines

4 Select Medical Vending Machines The Li'l Medic 4 is a Lexan front mechanical merchandiser for medical supplies. Since it is completely mechanical, no electricity is needed, and it can be placed anywhere. Weighing in at only 33 lbs. and with a 128 item capacity, the Li'l Medic 4 provides the ultimate in convenience and versatility.

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Li'l Medic 8 Medical Vending Machines

8 Select Medical Vending Machines The Li'l Medic 8 is a glass front mechanical merchandiser for medical supplies. Since it is completely mechanical, no electricity is needed, and it can be placed anywhere. With 8 selections available and a 272 item capacity, the Li'l Medic 8 is truly helpful in providing inexpensive treatment solutions to your customers.

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Refurbished USI BC10 CB500 Drink Vending Machine Sells for $5250 New

Refurbished Drink Vending Machine. BC-10 CB500-SA w/GVC-1 Software. MDB, DEX, accepts $1/$5 bills, and vends cans and bottles. Red Cross Graphics / Black Sides. USI is a highly reputable vending manufacture who has provided machines to companies throughout the world. These machines are easy to use, reliable and sharp looking! This BC-10 can vend items such as juice, milk, soda, water and a variety of drink options that includes 10 selections. This machine is MDB and DEX ready for card install or remote monitoring.

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Naloxone Vending Machine

The Naloxone vending machine has 32 selections and can vend a variety of Nalaxone products including Narcan Nasal Spray 4g and Fentanyl Test Strips.It can also vend COVID test kits, food, sanitizer, wipes, tissues, masks. It is easy to set-up and maintain and is refurbished, clean, and working. The unit is factory certified, completely checked out, fully bench tested and guaranteed to be in excellent condition, giving you many years of quality usage.2 shelves Naloxone4 selections per shelf4 capacity per selection16 capacity per shelf32 capacity per machine2 shelves Fentanyl Test Strips8 selections per shelf15 capacity per selection120 capacity per shelf240 capacity per machine2 shelves miscellaneous 4 selections per shelf6 capacity per selection24 capacity per shelf48 capacity per machine Common Questions: 1. Are there set-up fees to get started? There are no set up fees. 2. How long does it take to obtain the machines and have them up and running? Payment is required in full to place an order. Once the order is paid for in full, delivery will be within three weeks 3. How to we physically obtain the machines? There is a delivery charge. 4. Once the machines are up and running, who would be responsible for maintenance of the machines (fixing them should a mechanical problem arise)? No maintenance is required for the machine other than keeping it clean. If mechanical issues arise you will call us for technical Assistance Monday through Friday 8 AM to 2 PM. The machine you € re considering is the least problematic and simplest of any vending machine manufactured. 5. Our superiors would like for the machines to be free, but require a token to obtain the supplies in the machine. How much would it cost to make changes to adjust the machine for this? Yes. The cost to do this would be an approximately $200. We would need five of the tokens you plan to use mailed to us. We would then send the tokens with the coin changer for changers for your application. If you need tokens we can order standard sizes for you. The minimum order quantity is 1000 tokens and the cost is approximately $275. 6. How much would it cost to make changes to the coils in the machine, if this is possible? If available, single coils can be purchased for Approximately $12 per coil (cost).

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