Shipping & Returns

Shipping Rates
To see shipping on any item, simply add that item to your shopping cart and then click checkout. The shipping rates will show down below in the shipping options on the checkout page. Some items do offer free shipping and that will be advertised on the page details

Shipping Options
NOTE: Any of these options must be chosen during item selection or BEFORE your items ship.

On large items such as full size vending machines, optional services are not included in the base shipping rates or any free shipping offers. These optional services include but are not limited to:

- Resident Delivery - Deliveries to a home or even a business at a home / residential area may incur additional fees by some freight companies. If your shipment is not being delivered to a business that is clearly in a business area, you should select this option to avoid delays or refusing to deliver by the freight driver.

- Liftgates - on machines over 250 pounds, you will need a liftgate unless you have a loading dock or a forklift to lower the machine from the truck to the ground.

- Inside Delivery - normal delivery includes simply unloading the machine and leaving it outside the business door. Many freight drivers will roll the machine on the pallet inside the building if the doors are at least 42" wide (double door / roll-up door) but they don't have to do this. If you can not move the machine inside, this may be a necessary option for you. Inside delivery does not include stairs or more than 1 step as drivers do not carry the needed handling equipment for multiple steps. If you need assistance with more than 1 step, call us before you order to discuss some other options.

- Delivery Notifications - Freight companies do not always call to schedule a delivery time. You can call them to learn the delivery date, but if you need to know the time when they are coming, then request this option during item selection.

- Unpacking & Trash Removal - only machines with the option for "Premium Delivery" are eligible for unpacking machines and hauling away the trash.

These services are available on some items and should be chosen from the options of the item details pages.

Shipping Policies
|||||||||||||||| IMPORTANT!!!!!! On deliveries from ALL Freight Lines (other than UPS or FedEx), BE SURE TO INSPECT YOUR SHIPMENT FOR DAMAGE BEFORE SIGNING TO ACCEPT THE MACHINES. IF THERE IS ANY DAMAGE TO THE PACKAGING OR TO THE MACHINE ITSELF, BE SURE THAT THE DRIVER MAKES A NOTE OF IT ON THE BILL OF LADING. If you do not note the damage on the BOL, filing a freight claim will be very difficult. Unless the damage is Extreme, DO NOT refuse delivery; just note the damage on the bill of lading. Otherwise, do not refuse the shipment because this could lead to storage costs for which the buyer is responsible.

Shipments shall be made as soon as possible after payment in full has been received. If payment is by check, shipment does not occur until after the check has cleared. If product has not shipped within 30 days of cleared funds, the buyer may request a refund, and it is agreed that MEGAvending shall not be held responsible for delays beyond its control or indirect costs due to such delays.

There are NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES even if delivery has been refused by the buyer.

Small packages are usually shipped USPS, UPS, or Fedex Ground; while large or fragile shipments may be shipped by various freight carriers of the manufacturer's choosing. Freight charges are determined by the freight carrier and are typically based on the type of merchandise, weight, size and distance. All shipments and insurance are the responsibility of the buyer.

FREIGHT CLAIMS: Freight claims are the responsibility of the buyer. Upon delivery, make sure that you check the condition of every box for tears, creases, crushing, puncture marks, or water stains. All boxes should be counted. Note any damage or shortages to the driver immediately and make sure they note it on the Bill of Lading. If, in spite of precautions, merchandise is damaged in transit, the buyer must file a claim with the carrier ASAP and notify us. Also, the package and packing materials should be retained for carrier's inspection. Damages are the responsibility of the freight carrier and should be handled accordingly; MEGAvending takes no responsibility. If the damage is EXTREME [structural damage - NOT dents or scratches], refuse the shipment. (ONLY Note: Glass is not insured by UPS.) If you do not notify the driver of damage at delivery and write it on the bill of lading, the freight company will probably Not honor the claim; so, be sure to take these steps.

Return Policy
NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES - we go above and beyond to correct any issues should a machine arrive non-functioning, but we do not accept any returns. Please give us a call to find a solution.