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These vending machine deals change frequently. Get them before they are gone! In most cases there is a limited quantity available at the sale prices. When available, they are a great way to get up and running.

Refurbished National 167 Full Size Snack Vending Machine

Refurbished 35 select snack vending machines - Crane National 167 - Sure Vend Guaranteed Vend System. Card Reader Capable, MDB Dual Spirals, DEX, $1/5 The National 167 (35 select) factory certified snack merchandiser that vends a variety of candy, chips, pastries and snacks, is easy to set-up and maintain. A full size unit with a good capacity this snack machine is ideal for almost any location. Available in used certified, clean, working, refurbished condition. This unit is factory certified, completely checked out, fully bench tested and guaranteed to be in excellent working condition, giving you many years of quality usage.

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Refurbished Automatic Products LCM4 Vending Machines

Refurbished Automatic Products LCM4MDB, $1/$5 Bill Acceptor, 20 Snack Selections, 10 Can Drink Selections. The AP LCM4 Combo machine is Manufactured by Automatic Products, which is owned by National, the largest vending machine manufacturer in the vending industry. The machine operates at fresh temperature of 37. Black front. The machine has 3 shelfs. It has a health control function and scrolling message. 72"height, 39"width, 34"depth, 760 weight. 30 selections. Single Spirals. 2 chip shelfs (5 select each - 10 count spirals). 1 candy style single spiral shelf (10 selections - 15/18 count spirals). 1 drink vend center (10 select - 24 Can capacity p/selection).

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Refurbished National 673 Filter Paper System Coffee Machine $8K New

Refurbished Coffee Vending Machines - Crane National 673 - Card Capable, MDB, DEX, Electronic Product Door open/close, Two cup sizes The machine is dual cup (8 & 12oz. cups). Two front graphic options. It vends three international coffee flavors (e.g. French vanilla, cappuccino), one hot chocolate flavor, cream, sugar, sweet & low, and cafe mocha (chocolate & coffee). The machine has a whipper motor for each flavored coffee and hot chocolate product.

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Refurbished Crane National 432 Cold Food Vending Machine $8K New

Refurbished Food Vending Machine, adjustable carousel shevles, MDB and DEX, 31" Depth, accepts $1/5 dollar bills The Crane National 432 Cold Food Vending Machine is still in manufacturing production and sells new for approximately $8k. it is the #1 selling Cold food machine in the United States and has been for 15 years. The machine comes certified, clean, working, refurbished, with a 60-day warranty. New product door windows are accomplished in the price giving the machine a new look. The Sure vend guaranteed delivery system ensures products vend or a credit is established for a customer, which is critical since food items are higher priced.

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MEI 7512

MDB - Multi Drop Bus. 24V Interface 34V Actual. 6 Pin Plug 5 Tube Coin Cassette (DCC) 5 Tubes Are: (1) $1, (2) .25, (1) .10, (1) .05. Instant Parring. Dispenses Surplus Coins And Identifies Replenishment Needed Easy To Use, Intuitive Display. Water And Jam Resistant.

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