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Maintaining Vending Machines
Quick and Easy Steps!

Over the last 20 years, we've been able to assist hundreds of vendors get started in the vending business. One of the main questions we get asked about owning a vending machine is...

"Are vending machines hard to maintain?!?"

Owning and operating a vending machine sounds intimidating, right?

Guess What!?
Maintaining and servicing a Vending Machine is pretty simple!

Here are some tips that you can use to help increase the lifespan of your machine and offer a pleasently appealing snack, soda or food machine that some would ACTUALLY want to eat from ;-)

Let's break it down for you!

- Use a food safe, cleaning detergent, warm water and a soft cloth to wipe down the complete machine. I would suggest doing this at least every couople months. This way you keep the machine looking nice, clean and visually appealling.

- Use a disinfectant wipe to clean surface areas that have a lot of person to person contact. Such as, your keep pad, buttons, money acceptors, credit card readers, product door and any others where people have been touching your machine over and over again. You definitely want people to see that you are concerned about keeping your machine as germ-free as possible.

- CLEANING YOUR BILL ACCEPTOR! You can use a sanitation wipe or damp cloth to to do this. You may clean the outside area of the bill acceptor. This would be the mouth of the validator where money is inserted inside. Money is very dirty ,and over time, that grime and filth from the dollar bills will get onto the wheels and pullies that are located inside the bill acceptor. You can open the bill acceptor and gently clean them. You may even swab the inside with a Q-Tip and warm water just to get rid of any build up. What happens over time if you do not clean your bill acceptor? The machine will STOP taking money! Money is so dirty that the the internal working components get corroded and can no longer read the bill currency and, therefore, reject the bill. This helps prevent people from using counterfiet or fake notes in the machine. A clean bill acceptor works the way it was designed!

- KEEP COOLED MACHINES AT LEAST 5 INCHES AWAY FROM THE WALL!!! This will allow for proper air flow to keep your food or soda machine compressor from over heating.

- Ensure that your vending machines are level.
Most machines come with leg levelers on the legs. These are made so that you can insure your vending machine is sitting firm especially on floors that are uneven to prevent uneven rocking on the legs. The more a vending machine rocks, the more issues you will have.

- You can also use a can of compressed air to blow the compressor coils on the back of your drink machines. This will keep your coils from from buildup and allow for efficient cooling by your refer system Also, spray your fan blades and motor so keep them from making noise and having extra resistance that will cause fan motors to burn out. Grime and dirt build-up can cause a multitude of mechanical issues; clean these areas every few months and possibly every month depending on the dust in the area.

- Keep your machines out of direct sunlight. Not only will heat discolor your machine over time, the overexposure to heat just runs your refrigeration system that much more, makes parts brittle to break, and can melt your product such as chocolates.