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Customer Testimonials...

To give you a little more comfort in knowing how we handle our company,
below are emails we have received over the years.

Past Emails...

I have been very impressed with MegaVending's customer service and timely responses to questions raised. You all were very quick in resolving any outstanding issues and the machines I received were delivered in the condition promised. I had a few small issues with not receiving a few plugs (for unused holes) for my snack machines, but you all shipped the equipment to me and within a few days I had them in my hands. Great job! I also appreciate receiving my equipment within the timeframe that you specified as this is oftentimes key to obtaining and keeping new customers. As for your prices, they beat the competition hands down and your website is a great tool for me as I am constantly looking to expand my business and purchase equipment as I grow, whether it is new or used. With your assistance, my business has grown dramatically and I have seen my sales surpass even my best periods (last Summer) of 2007. I intend to keep growing and have bookmarked your site as no vendor should bypass such a great site. I expect to continue my relationship with your company as this is a very cost effective way for me to continue to grow my business. With your assistance, I have already had to adjust my sales expectations higher for 2008 (I already met my goal for the year-doubling sales over 2007), as I have now amassed sales of over $2,000 a week, and rapidly approaching $2,500 a week. Thanks MegaVending!! Please feel free to post my comments on your website. Sincerely, Andy Metcalf

Hi, We are Buddy Boys Vending, located in Central Washington and have been in business for over 6 years. We searched for quite some time looking for vending companies that could take care of our needs. MegaVending was one of the first ones that we looked at on the internet. We kept checking on others as well. Seeing that MegaVending was only on the internet for us, we were a little hesitant to use them. We bought our first machine from them and was surprised at how friendly but business like they were toward us. Being new to the business, we didn't really know what to ask, so April at Mega Vending walked us through all information needed to get the right machine for our size of account. Since then we have purchased several more machines from them and we are in the process of buying more at this time. Scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 9.5. Their is always room for some improvement in any company, even ours. Bud Fritz owner, Buddy Boys Vending

a while back I ordered business cards from your company, I want to say they came out great! everybody I gave one said how nice the cards are and because they have such nice colors and look professional they think I'm some big company! which some day we will be... thanks again for the great job you did with my cards... AJ Vending Services.

Hi April, I know you must hear lots of complaints from customers when things don't work the way they are supposed to. This email is just the opposite. I truly appreciate all the help and kindness that has been shown to me since I purchased the pencil vending machine for my school. I especially would like to acknowledge all the assistance from John throughout this process. The new machine I received works perfectly. The kids and teachers in my school love it. It is nice to find companies where customer service is still a priority. Thanks so much to everyone there. - Matt Matthew McDade Guidance Counselor Central Middle School

Hi, April, I just wanted to send you a note of sincere appreciation and gratitude. Your machine is perfect for us. It works like a charm, and although there have been a few problems, they were all standard vending issues and were all easily resolved. I would really love to give a testimonial of some sort for your machine. It is really worth every penny, and I wish I had had someone to recommend your machine to me back when I was spending hours on end researching machines and which way to go. Thank You again, Mike McMahon 404-447-xxxx

Kara, I just want to thank you personally as well as your company's Mega website. I just got into the snack-beverage vending business this past October and as you may or may not know its hard to find honest advice in this vending business. I signed up on your website to be notified when a vending location is available and I am very pleased with the recent location you e-mailed me about. You made the process so simple. The office manager at this location was actually waiting for my call. Its been a dream come true! The largest location I had before had 8 f/t employees this location has over 35 f/t employees who seem to be very nice folks. I paid my prior location company alot more money for other smaller locations. You also made me feel very comfortable . You were very easy to reach by phone and very informative about the location process. I never felt pressured to take the location .I just want to let you know that I want to expand my business and look forward to doing alot more further business with you and your company. We need to also talk also about coffee machines with this cold weather alot of my locations having been asking me about that. Thanks again and I am sure I will be talking to you shortly. Thanks Again, Michael J Wood -SunRise Vending

a while back I ordered business cards from your company, I want to say they came out great! everybody I gave one said how nice the cards are and because they have such nice colors and look professional they think I'm some big company! which some day we will be... thanks again for the great job you did with my cards... AJ Vending Services.

I would recommend Mega to any vender. Kara's customer service skills are excellent. I appreciate how helpful your staff is. Your pricing on locations beats every other locator I've came across. I plan on doing a lot of business with your company in the future. Thanks, Eric Restoff Triple E Vending

Melissa, Thanks for the list. I just want to say that you all are the most professional folks I have dealt with. You are extremely helpful and always positive. I bought a new machine from you in March 2005 and it was at a much lower price than was quoted from another vendor. In addition, it arrived within a few days. If megavending ever needs a reference, please feel free to contact me. Bobby Bain

4 mega is the best place to buy. They help you and be not only a place to buy, but a people can you trust . H ctor I Ramos, San Juan, Puerto Rico

April, Thanks for your help with my recent online purchase. Getting a follow up call from a website!! What a pleasant, unexpected phone call. Definitely a first! I love to deal with business who enjoy giving Positively Outrageous Service as much as I do in mine. Thanks again austin,tx

Thanks for the wonderful site and services. Demand & Supply Vending Wyandotte, MI

hello april thanks for the e-mail, i received the 4 route pros today!! man that was fast!! thanks again for the great service and the followups, you folks are professionals and i appreciate it!! i plan of building this business as large as possible and you are the ones i am exclusively dealing with!! great people, great machine in the route pro, and great prices!! again, thank you april. darrell Louisiville, KY was a great experience for me and my business. If you're looking for great priced vending machines, this is the place to do it. Make them work for you. M.J. Vending A Full-line Vending Service Slidell, LA (Matt Wood - owner)

Eric, I wanted you to know that I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient your business was. I received all the equipment I ordered on time and with no problems. As you know, one of the pieces was broken, and I really appreciated you sending me a replacement part rather than making me have to order a new one from a manufacturer. This was my first venture into ordering online (As you probably guessed by all the questions I was sending by e-mail) and the fact that you continued to reply promptly gave me a little more assurance about your company. I really did appreciate all the help and in the end, the very good service. Anyway, thanks again. I am going to continue to grow my vending business, so I'll be in touch when I am ready to buy. If you need a reference, feel free to use my name. You have my phone number. Sincerely, Richard Willis First Choice Vending Georgetown Texas

Transaction went well from start to finish. Eric was friendly and professional throughout the entire transaction. Would do business with him again. Thanks for the business John Logsdon, TX

Thank you for helping me find the Great Deal I received by going to your web site. I was surprised to find that I could get machines at such an extremely low price! The final cost came in even lower that we had first discussed due to your hard work on keeping the shipping cost down. The service I received was second to none. My machines are all placed and are operating just like new. Thank you again and God Bless. Ricky

Dear Eric, Your Great! I want to purchase 10 machines complete with stands. I'll tell you Eric I will definitely be doing more business with you in the shall see. I have searched the entire net practically, looking for not only good prices but someone I felt comfortable working with and BINGO....I found You! Thanks Eric Sincerely, Shirley D.

Eric Norman Thank You, Your customer service is extraordinarily splendid and deserves to be commended thank you !! You've went beyond the call of duty to satisfy a potential customer. If this is your policy or standard operating procedure then success is inevitable with you and your company!!! M. Maynard SR helped me to purchase a good quality machine. I happen to live near to their location and met Eric face to face. You can trust their honest desire to serve their customers. Sincerely, David Trosclair

Thanks so much for your help! The machines are perfect; just glad that I found you before I made that other purchase. Thanks again, Tim San Diego