HY900 - Healthy You Snack, Food and Soda Combo Vending Machines

Seaga HY900 | Healthy You Vending Machines for Sale Nationwide!

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HY900 - Seaga HY-900 Healthy You Vending Machines available Nationwide from $2000-$3000 each or less!

The demand for Healthy Snack and Soda vending machines is high! They offer 21 snacks, 6 drinks and most units are able to accept cash and cashless transactions! You will be able to offer a wide variety of snack, candy and drink options with this colorful and eye catching combo machine for thousands less than the cost of new machines! Seaga HY-900, Healthy You Vending Machines cost $8000+ per unit direct from the factory, but we can help you search your local area for killer deals on Pre-Owned HY-900 machines today for a fraction of the price!

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Seaga HY-900 Snack, Soda and Entree Vending Machines are attractive and easy to use, but way less than the cost of New Machines. We offer great deals on Healthy You Combo machines NATIONWIDE!

The machines have 21 snack selections, 6 drink selections for bottles and cans and the side entree houses extra snacks or non-refrigerated ready meal items like Hormel meals or Soup cups! With people carrying cash less and less, most machines have the ablity to take credit / debit cards as well! Also, service and stocking is made easy through the use of the data / inventory control system available. You can keep track of your machine activity remotely and montior sales daily!

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. We are not affiliated with Healthy You. Names are simply used for identification purposes of these used machines.


  • Selections
  • (21) Snack Selections
  • (8) Drink Selections for Cans or Bottles
  • (16) Entree Selections for Ready Meals - Non Refrigeration items like Hormel or Soup Cups (if added - optional)
  • Snack and Soda Specs
  • 72 H x 36 W x 28.5 D
  • 590 lbs
  • Snack Capacity: 210 items (chips, candy bars, etc.)
  • Drink Capacity:140 items (12 oz. cans, juices, 20 oz. bottles, Red Bull, etc.)
  • Entree Spec
  • 72 H x 16 W x 28.5 D
  • 170 lbs
  • Entree Capacity: 80 items (pastries, soups, fruit cups, jello, etc)
  • Payment Systems
  • Dollar Bills Acceptor - takes 1's and 5's
  • Coins
  • Credit / Debit Card Reader Capable
  • Make / Model
  • HY-900 Healthy You by Seaga Manufacturing
  • Condition
  • Pre-Owned (some are used & some are still new in box)
  • Machines are sold AS-IS with no warranty
  • Shipping
  • Pick Up Only - location varies with current inventory
  • Call to get current availability

Technical Specs