Refurbished Single Spiral Automatic Products AP LCM4 Combo Vending Machine

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Full Size Combo Snack and Can Soda Vending Machine

This Automatic Products LCM4 Snack, Chip, Candy and 12 ounce can drink vending that can keep a fresh tempeture as low as 37 degrees with health controls! It is a high quality, low maintenance machine! You can save space and money!

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Full Size Refurbished Single Spiral Automatic Product LCM4, MDB, DEX, $1/$5 Bill Acceptor, Coin Mechanism, Fresh Food with Health Controls, 20 Snack Selections, 10 Can Drink Selections, Dual Spirals

The AP LCM4 Snack, Fresh Food and Drink Combo is Manufactured by Automatic Products, which is owned by National, the largest vending machine manufacturer in the vending industry. The machine operates at fresh temperature of 37. Black front. The machine has 3 shelfs. It has a health control function and scrolling message. 72"height, 39"width, 34"depth, 760 weight. 30 selections. Single Spirals. 2 chip shelfs (5 select each - 10 count spirals). 1 candy style single spiral shelf (10 selections - 15/18 count spirals). 1 drink vend center (10 select - 24 Can capacity p/selection).


  • Delivery
  • 30 Selections
  • 12 oz. cans
  • Benefits
  • $1/5 MDB bill acceptor
  • MDB coin changer
  • Multiple pricing - $0.05 to $99.95
  • Controller board is MDB capable
  • DEX ELECTRONICS (a format for collecting audit and event data from vending machines)
  • Requires little maintenance and is easy to set up and operate
  • Convertible and adjustable selections
  • Appearance
  • Digital readout display
  • Condition - Refurbished
  • Location Ready & WORKING (control board, digital display board, coin changer, bill acceptor, spiral motors, lights)
  • Hand cleaned Interior/Exterior
  • No breaks/damage (vandalism)
  • Hand cleaning includes chemicals utilized on Shelves to remove chip grease
  • New exterior/interior paint application
  • Exterior front is detailed
  • Warranty
  • 60- Day Parts Return Warranty
  • Lifetime Phone Support
  • Includes lock/keys, manual, palleting / wrapping
  • Options
  • Vending Machine Alarms - Tip Module and/or Impact Abuse Sensor
  • Optional CC Reader / Mobile Pay: Has small Monthly Fees but Increases Sales - See Monthly Fees & Benefits here

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions
  • 72" High
  • 37 € Wide
  • 34" Deep
  • Shipping Weight
  • 700 lbs
  • Electrical Requirement
  • Standard 15amp 110v electrical service