Refurbished AMS 35628 Sensit 3 Mid Size Snack Vending Machine

Refurbished AMS 35628 Snack Vending Machine, AMS snack machine, AMS 35628

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Snacks, Candy, Cookies with Sensit 3 Vend Guaranteed Delivery. Sells for $5k new.

With our Refurbished AMS 35628 Sensit 3 Snack Vending Machine, you will save money without sacraficing quality! It offers a variety of product, a high capacity of selections and the amazing Sensit 3 Guaranteed Delivery Feature!

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Refurbished 28 select snack vending machines - AMS 35628 - Sensit 3 Guaranteed Vend System. Card Reader Capable, MDB, DEX, $1/5

The AMS 35628 (28 select) factory certified snack merchandiser that vends a variety of candy, chips, pastries and snacks, is easy to set-up and maintain. A mid sized unit with a good capacity this snack machine is ideal for almost any location. Available in used certified, clean, working, refurbished condition. This unit is factory certified, completely checked out, fully bench tested and guaranteed to be in excellent working condition, giving you many years of quality usage.


  • Delivery
  • 28 select
  • Convertible and adjustable shelfs
  • Individual Motor Drives (If One Fails, The Rest Continue to Operate)
  • Benefit: Validator & Coin Changer Included
  • Multi Pricing .05-99.95
  • Sensit 3 Guaranteed Vend System
  • MDB cashless capability
  • Digital Read out display
  • Custom Messaging
  • Anti Theft product delivery
  • Refurbished
  • Location ready & working
  • Hand cleaned
  • No breaks, damage, or vanda
  • New interior / exterior paint application
  • Detailed
  • Warranty
  • 60-day parts warranty
  • Lifetime phone support
  • Includes new lock, keys, palleting/wrapping

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 72hX33wX34d
  • Weight: 700lbs