AC-2070 Vending Changer Base

AC-2070 Vending Changer Base

The AC-2070 base is designed to be used with our AC-2000, AC-2001, AC2003, AC-2006 and AC-2009 model changers.

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AC-2070 Vending Changer Filler Base

The base is designed to be used with our AC2000, AC2001, 2003, 2006 and 2009 model changers.

This base is to fill the gap below a changer if the changer is bolted next to a vending machine or wall.
It is not designed to hold the machine. The base is made of Gavaneal Steel and is powder coated in a flat black finish.
Warranty is 1 year; Dimensions 13 1/2 € W x 32 € H x 13 € D; Weight: 45lbs.


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