Refurbished Snack Machines

Quality Refurbished Snack Vending Machines

Adding snack vending machines to your office or place of business is a great way to bring in some extra money. However, sometimes the cost of a new machine might be more than you want to spend. That's why MEGAvending offers you refurbished vending machines in great working condition. Each used snack machine we offer is easy to set up and maintain, refurbished to provide years of quality usage.

Are Refurb Snack Machines Reliable?

At MEGAvending we pride ourselves on a refurbished line of the most reliable snack vending machines in the industry for you to choose from. Not all machines have proven to be the rock solid beasts that you need for easy, care-free operation. We strive to exceed expectations; and getting you in a solid piece of equipment is just the first step. We'll suggest the best machine based on your budget, customer base, payment needs with optional credit card readers, and snack / candy product selections. We offer speedy and easy delivery of our refurb snack & soda vending machines. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are happy to help!

Refurbished Automated Products AP123 Snack Vending Machine

Refurbished 35 select snack vending machines - Automatic Products 123 - Card Reader Capable, MDB, Single/Dual Spirals, DEX, $1 bills The Automated Products 123 is a 35 selection snack merchandiser that is similar to the AP7000. The AP 123 is a 5 columns wide and 6 shelves glass front snack vending machine, which makes it ideal for busy locations.

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Refurbished GPL 159 Snack, Chip and Candy Vending Machine

Refurbished GPL 159 MDB Snack Vending Machine - 5 Wide, Dual Spiral, GPL-159 that accepts $1 bills The GPL-159 offers outstanding service to any location! This snack vending machine not only has a large variety of selections, it has extreme product capacity. This workhorse has been completely refurbished and is ready for many more years of excellent service. Fully bench tested, this machine has tons of value and reliablity.

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Refurbished GPL 160 Snack and Candy Vending Machine

Refurbished MDB Snack Vending Machine - 28 Snack Selections, Dual Spiral, National, GPL 160 that accepts $1 bills The National / GPL 160 is an 28 selection snack merchandiser that vends a variety of candy, chips, pastries and snacks, is easy to set-up and maintain. Available in used certified clean and working condition or refurbished condition. This unit is factory certified, completely checked out, fully bench tested and guaranteed to be in excellent working condition, giving you many years of quality usage.

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Getting Ahead with Refurb Vending Machines

Whether you're a vending route operator or an office just trying to keep your staff happy, you should consider the value of refurbished vending machines to help you reach the black ink as soon as possible. Our machines come with a parts warranty and free lifetime phone support; so, we are always here to help.

Yet on the financial side, you could buy a new 35 select snack machine with all the new bells and whistles, but often it makes more sense to go with a similar refurbished snack machine for less than half the cost.

That means the refurbished machine will pay for itself in half the time of that new machine. Perhaps you want a fancy snack machine for an upscale office, but make sure that location will allow the machine to pay for itself and be an asset rather than just a pain in the neck. Nothing is more frustrating that going to a location that is doing minimal vends per day and realizing it will take another 4 years to pay for this machine at that pace.

Vending Machine Costs vs. Payoff Time

Here's an example to help you plan ahead:
Snack machine cost = $4,000 new or $1,700 refurb
Avg profit per sale = $0.35
Days per year = 260
Sales per day = A
Years till payoff = B

Pick a number for A and you'll find B with this formula:

B = Machine Cost / (.35 x 260 days x A)

So with 10 sales per day, the new machine would payoff in 4.39 years

and with 10 sales per day, the refurb machine is paid in 1.86 years

That's quite a difference as your profits begin compounding and paying for additional machines. Of course there are many times that new machines are smart moves, but when you're starting out, it's great to consider both.