CHILLED Refurbished AMS 39640 SENSIT 2 Snack Machine

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Chilled Refurbished AMS 35629 SENSIT 2 Snack Machine | Glass Front Vending Machine | Automatic Merchandising Systems AMS 35629

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CHILLED Snack Vending Machine cabinet cools from 55-75 degrees and is equipped with the Sensit 2 Guaranteed Delivery System!

With this AMS35629, you can keep your chocolates and product from melting! AMS Snack Machines are top of the line in the vending industry! This machine is a workhorse and great addition to any location or company breakroom!

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Chilled at 55-75 degrees, 4-Wide, Refurbished 29 Selection Snack Vending Machine - Automatic Merchandising Systems model AMS-35629 is MDB, DEX, 2007 year model, Sensit 2 Guaranteed Vend System

This AMS35629 Snack Vending Machine is CHILLED from 55-75 degrees and offers a variety of selections and can keep you product from melting! This will allow you to offer snacks, chips, crackers, candy and pastries in your location or warehouse without the worry of your chocolates or other products melting in a heated area. This machine is completely refurbished and we offer lifetime phone support on this unit. AMS Vending Machines are known for their durability, reliability and ease of use. This Automatic Merchandiser comes with the Sensit 2 Guaranteed Delivery system that detects failed vends and insures your customer gets a product or a refund on their purchase. This equals peace of mind for any vending operator! It is also MDB and DEX which makes your AMS35629 capable of working with credit card readers and data control programs!


  • Delivery
  • Chilled Snack Machine - from 55-75 degrees
  • 29 Selections (4-wide)
  • 1 candy shelf (8 select), 4 chip shelf's (4 select each - 10 count spirals), 1 pastry shelf (3 selections - 10 count spirals)
  • Gum / Mint Selection
  • Single Spiral
  • Benefits
  • 2007 year model
  • Sensit 2 Guaranteed Delivery System - assures product delivery
  • Conlux NB3120 ($1) 24v MDB bill acceptor
  • Coinco 9302GX MDB coin changer
  • Multiple pricing - $0.05 to $99.95
  • MDB Protocol for Coin Changer and Bill Acceptor
  • DEX controller
  • Appearance
  • Black Front
  • Glass front for spontaneous purchasing
  • Digital readout display
  • Optional Features
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Vending Machine Alarms - Tip Module and/or Impact Abuse Sensor
  • Warranty
  • 60- Day Parts Return Warranty
  • Lifetime Phone Support

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions
  • 72" High
  • 33" Wide
  • 35" Deep
  • Weight
  • 650 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Standard 15amp 110v electrical service