As-Is National 673 Filter Paper System Coffee Machine

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As-Is National 673 Coffee Vending Machine W/Filter Paper & Dual Cup Systems

Save $2K by refurbishing the machine yourself. A coffee machine must be refurbished after it is taken off location & prior to being put back on location. If you buy this machine, it is your job to do that.

Exact Machines pictured (quantity for sale - 2 machines): Serial #'s 677-010828, 677-010827. Both 677 (grinder) machines were converted to loose ground (673). See interior pictures.

All the quality of taste of new, but for the half the price new of $7k. Offer your location a high quality coffe, tea and hot beverage Coffee Vending Machine with the Crane National 673 (loose ground) model. The machine has a filter paper system like at home for each cup brewed for much better taste.

Financing Available - Call to Apply!

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As-Is Coffee Vending Machine: Crane National 673 - Card Capable, MDB, DEX, Electronic Product Door open/close, Two cup sizes

The main board, relay board, led display board, interface board, validator, and coin changer are sold working. All components listed come with a 30day warranty.

The balance of the machine is sold Wiped Down and As-Is. It is the buyer's responsibility to refurbish the machine into location ready status.

if you are unable to do this, the N673 coffee machine is offered refurbished for $3895 on our site.

The machine is dual cup (8 & 12oz. cups). Two front graphic options. It vends three international coffee flavors (e.g. French vanilla, cappuccino), one hot chocolate flavor, cream, sugar, sweet & low, and cafe mocha (chocolate & coffee). The machine has a whipper motor for each flavored coffee and hot chocolate product.


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