Evoke 5 Snack Vending Machines

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This machine features the largest full-view window along with the brightest showcase LED display which enhances product presentation, promoting more sales. The large Braille equipped keypad is backlighted and is complemented by a large full-color credit and information screen. This machine includes anti-theft precaution, a rounded locking coin box, and an I-vend guaranteed vend system.

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Evoke 5 Snack Merchandiser

Selections Up to 65 items. Standard 40 items as pictured.

Capacity 528 Items (210 Snack & Pastry / 318 Candy)

All Industry standard MDB payment compatible devices

Data Communication DEX/UCS

Standard Features
FLEX Controller with 3.5 € LCD Color Display, LED Lighting, iVend Sensor System, Door Switch, Delivery Assist, Braille Keypad, Leg Covers & ADA Compliant

10" Touch Screen Interface ($500)
Additional Options - UVend Technology, Motor Pairing, Gum and Mint Tray, inDEX Online (Touch Screen), Audio Interface, Custom Coil and Tray Configurations, Custom Colors, Custom Graphics & Changeable LED Backlit POS & Kick Panel


  • up to 65 Selections of snacks & candy
  • Individual pricing per selection
  • Simple to use customer and operator controls
  • Bright LED display
  • Quick first-in-first-out product loading
  • Slim 21" cabinet design easily moves through doors and up stairs
  • Satellite drink vending machine capable
  • Optional 4" legs
  • Sturdy steel construction with durable powder coat painted surfaces for years of service

Technical Specs

  • Height 72 €
  • Width 41 €
  • Depth 35 €
  • Shipping Weight 595 lbs
  • Voltage 115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 AMPS
  • Pricing Individual From $0 To $99.95
  • Money Acceptance: MDB coin acceptor; MDB $1/$5 bill acceptor