Refurbished Vending Machines

Refurbished Vending Machines are Huge Profit Centers!

As vending operators know, loose change sure adds up in the piggy bank nicely! However, you can feed that pig much faster when buying refurbished vending machines because you're saving thousands on the front end. With up to 70% off the cost of new snack & soda machines, refurbished machines pay for themselves as quick as 70% faster and when you factor in the compounding of those dollars going to work buying more machines, the growth of your business can really skyrocket!

Using our example from the refurb snack machine page, if a new snack machine takes 4.39 years to pay off while a refurbished snack machine takes 1.86 years, you're all gravy on that machine for the next 2.53 years! That's will completely pay for your second refurb machine and another 35% on a third one! However, that's just looking at the profit from the first machine; you actually have 3 out there racking up dough.

So your payoff timelines dramatically shrink as you grow:

Machine #1 takes 1.86 years to pay for itself
Machines 1 & 2 pay for machine #2 in .934 years
Three machines pay for machine #3 in .623 years
4 machines payoff #4 in .467 years
#5 paid off in .374 years, #6 in .311 years, #7 in .267, #8 in .234, #9 in .208, and #10 in .187

Add it all up and starting from scratch, you can have 10 refurbished snack & soda machines paid for in 5.465 years!

Refurbished National 673 or 677 Filter Paper System Coffee Machine $8K New

Refurbished Coffee Vending Machines - Crane National 673 or 677 - Card Capable, MDB, DEX, Electronic Product Door open/close, Two cup sizes The machine is dual cup (8 & 12oz. cups). Two front graphic options. It vends three international coffee flavors (e.g. French vanilla, cappuccino), one hot chocolate flavor, cream, sugar, sweet & low, and cafe mocha (chocolate & coffee). The machine has a whipper motor for each flavored coffee and hot chocolate product.

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EPort Engage Credit Card aSystem - Full kit with cashless+audit -Verizon 4G Network

With the ability to accept nearly any digital payment, ePort Engage empowers you to serve more consumers and grow revenue by making payment easier at your machines.

  • Accept EMV Chip and EMV Tap
  • Supports digital wallets and NFC payments
  • Includes integrated magstripe reader

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Nayax One Touch Vpos Cashless System

The system is superior vs the USA G10 system (swipe only, 2 pieces/parts, outdated). The Nayax One Touch is a swipe or chip system that is one piece/part incorporating the latest in card & mobile payment systems. It has valuable web-based reporting and management tools to help make your vending service more profitable.

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Credit Card Readers Increase Refurb Vending Machine Sales

We can equip most of our refubished vending machines with credit card readers for for most possible sales. Credit card acceptance is important for two key reasons:

1. Consumers spend more with "plastic money." The bubble of credit card debt is just one clue to the fact that people spend more often and more per purchase when cash money is not being used.

It's so easy to just put it on the card and ignore the consequences while you're "in the moment!" So, whether that be a caffeine deficient moment or a chocolate crave moment, you will sell more by offering customers the option for plastic!

2. Cash is becoming less and less common in the pockets of Americans. Credit & debit cards are often the only "money" we have, and vending machines without credit card acceptance are definitely missing these sales. The question is, how many?

In 2014, polls showed that 10% of American carried no cash for any purchases. By 2016, it was 12%, but that increase is deceiving since the percentage of young adults climbed much more than that of older consumers. Therefore expect this trend to increase exponentially as the generations shift.

Do you carry cash more or less than you did 2 years ago? And what do you do when you have no cash and see a machine that doesn't accept anything else?