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Generally speaking, new vending machines have warranties, as well as some form of tech support. Machines that are bought from other individuals usually have no warranty or insurance, and are sold as-is. Buying a new machine alleviates you from having to repair it by your own means.

Used snack machines are also more prone to need repair, whereas new snack machines usually last a great while before needing any kind of maintenance at all. Buying new machines can also save you money on repair expenses that could be incurred as a result of buying used vending machines.

Either way, do your home work on each new snack machine you come across to find all warranty and support services associated with it.

Customer Service

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"When our church decided to purchase a drink machine for our fellowship hall, I was clueless on how to begin the process. I called MEGAVending Company.

After the purchase, they delivered the vending machine and were helpful in walking me through the process of adjustments that I wanted to make, such as price changes, temperature control, etc.

If I have a question, even now after the warranty expiration, they have always been helpful in resolving the problem. We have been extremely pleased with our vending machine purchase and our association with MEGAVending Company."

                                        Dr. Ed Ferlazzo
                                                  Minister of Worship and Administration
                                                  Haltom Road Baptist Church